Welcome to our web site www.marinecrewaustralia.com

MARINECREWAUSTRALIA.COM is a site designed by a seafarer for seafarers and their respective employers. This explanation is written to cover both these groups.

We have kept the operation as simple as possible to ensure the system is immediately useful to seafarers and employers alike.
All previous databases operate in the "reverse mode" where the agency collects payments from the employer on the successful placing of a candidate.
This is often prohibitive for short term and/or smaller employers.
The advent of internet has facilitated this more contemporary process.

MARINECREWAUSTRALIA.COM is a website where seafarers can lodge their CVs for a year at a fixed fee. In addition to registering your CV on line, security necessitates we receive a SIGNED COPY of the submitted CV by mail. This signed copy, along with any amended details submitted by the client, will remain on file while the individual's listing remains current. This site is merely a CV listing for marine personnel to place their details in the World Wide Web.

What you see is what you get. This is NOT an employment agency, there is no middleman, the employer contacts the employee directly, so there are no hidden charges to seafarers or their prospective employers. It is more-or-less just my contact book that has found many folk work for over 20 years, made available to everyone, 24 hrs a day via the internet. It is a little bit more organised of course, and will cost employees AUD $100 PA if they want their CV to remain listed. Payment is by cheque only. A tax receipt will be mailed to the client. It will always remain FREE to employers.

MARINECREWAUSTRALIA.COM enables prospective employers to browse the database and prioritise with regard to qualifications, location and availability. It also saves an employer both the direct and indirect cost of advertising.

Although professional seafaring is the prime objective of this site, most other marine based employment is well catered for. Please forward this information to any folk who may benefit from MARINECREWAUSTRALIA.COM We welcome any suggestions for further improvements which could be incorporated in a later version.

We will also be contacting prospective employers to alert them to the existence of MARINECREWAUSTRALIA.COM and will ask that they pass the information on to others who may benefit.
For prospective employers, using the site is easy, just use the find crew page and select the qualification you are searching for.

The results page for each category will show a "TRAFFIC LIGHT" to indicate a persons availability.

these are displayed like this. = Available : = Currently Employed : = Relieving

The concept of the client and pin numbers, is that clients will eventually have 24x7 access to their availability field (only), this will permit those who prefer short time work to identify their current employment status and availability date.

When looking for crew using the 4 digit Australian postcode search, International access is obtained by using the first 3 digits of the ISD telephone code. (eg USA 0001, UK 0044, NZ 0065, PNG 0685, Japan 0081...... etc) This facility makes www.marinecrewaustralia.com a true International (or global) Seafarers Database.

these are displayed like this.

  = Available :  = Currently Employed  : = Relieving